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For those keeping score, Brian Pelletier and his cohorts at Kakao Chocolate have come up with a long list of experimental confections and candy that sound wacky, but actually taste superb. We’re referring to the curry cashew brittle; pumpkin pie-flavored pates de fruit; stout- and hops-flavored truffles; bacon pecan brittle (Lord, yes!); butternut-squash-flavored marshmallows; raspberry star anise dark-chocolate bark; white pepper and sea-salt dark-chocolate bark; the “Elvis truffle” with peanut butter, banana, and bacon; and even a cocoa-based barbecue rub.

The counter-intuitive combos have become sufficiently rife amongst the gourmet crowd that now, things that we would dare each other to eat as children have become actual food items.The latest example: barbecued potato chips with chocolate. Doesn’t that sound like something Oscar the Grouch would eat for lunch? It’s something you can buy at Kakao, in two forms, in fact: barbecued chips dipped in semi sweet chocolate (below left), and dark bark studded with chip crumbles .

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